About The Artist

Meet Kerry Green; a.k.a. The Bamboo Bandit (it's a long story!)
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I believe everyone should be able to enjoy art in their homes so I work hard to keep my pieces affordable. Our pets deserve pride of place, but as much as we love them we can't all afford a giant oil painting to sit above the fireplace in our mansion!

Kerry grew up on the outskirts of London, but was always drawn to the countryside. She has moved all over the country and (having a particular fondness for the Westcountry) now lives in Weston-super-mare. 


Her two main passions since childhood have been art and nature. She's spent countless hours searching for wildlife and exploring different zoos and farms with a sketchbook in hand. Fascinated by what makes animals tick, Kerry completed a degree in Animal Behaviour. She was lucky enough to have several jobs working with animals, but never lost her interest in art. Now she shares that passion with others, both online and at a range of shows and fairs; recently getting a prize at the Somerset County Show.

Her work at Bamboo Bandit Art mostly depicts nature, with a particular focus on wildlife. She works in a variety of media and styles; her favourites being pencils, ink and acrylic paints. Kerry also loves creating pet portraits in a wide range of styles. As a pet owner she knows how special they are and how important it is to really capture a pet's personality.

Kerry is currently owned by a Staffy named Mikey. He was adopted from the Blue Cross and he keeps her from getting bored. He makes her laugh every day and in return he insists he is provided with a sufficient store of treats and toys.