A Bumbling and Awkward Panda Welcome.

Hello and welcome to The Panda's Handstand- the Bamboo Bandit blog. "What's with the weird name?" I hear you exclaim with desperation. Well, pandas leave delightful scent messages for each other on the trunks of trees. To make sure the messages don't disappear too quickly and to seem more impressive they perform a sort of handstand to get higher up the trunk. The whole thing looks so bumbling and awkward, which sort of describes both me and how I find the blogging process.

So you might also be wondering "Who exactly is the Bamboo Bandit and why the alias?" Most of the boring nitty-gritty is covered in my artist bio if you are interested. As for the name, that is a longer story for another day and another blog post. As a brief summary, I'm an artist, animal-lover and pet owner (or should that be servant?) who is just figuring out how to make a living from all three of these traits. How I started out on this journey is also a long ramble which I will no doubt share in a future post.

The main reason for this blog will be to keep you; my customers, followers, friends and supporters connected to the goings on at Bamboo Bandit HQ (I feel like we need some sort of Comic book inspired name for it if anyone has any suggestions). I will be providing glimpses into my own art process (or lack thereof) and also into the business side of arts and crafts; you'll get to learn about that as I do! There will be regular updates on my current work, ongoing projects and new ideas. I am looking forward to sharing the story of my adventures as an artist; my supporters are as much a part of the journey as I am. I will be asking for opinions and feedback from you and I am secretly hopeful I might even be able to help inspire others to be more creative. As if all that wasn't enough, you can also expect regular (possibly monthly) updates from my bossdog Mikey and probably some cute animal pictures.

I am going to aim for one post a week (most likely on a Friday). I'll be looking for feedback so if there's anything in particular you'd like to see more (or less) of, let me know. Also, if you have any questions about me, art, Mikey or anything else I will do my best to answer. I might even do a Q&A post if I get enough.

That's all for now. Welcome once again and thank you for being a part of my artist story.

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