An Overdue Update on my Manager.

It's the first Friday of the month and that means it's time for a long overdue Mikey post! It's been a couple of months since we last did an update, but I only have time for a short ramble today (and let's be honest- you only want to read a short one anyway).

Since then, Mikey has been on a couple of visits to his Nanafriend. Stairs are still exciting (all 3 flights of them) and he enjoys watching the birds and squirrels having fun in the trees. We just got back from a visit this week and he was happy (if a little over-excited) to be back there. He knows his way around and he definitely knows where we go to play fetch!

We had to go visit the vet last month because Mikey managed to scratch his eye. He headbutts so many things I have no idea how he actually did it! The vet had to put dye in his eyes, which then ran all over his face and out of his nose, making him even more goblin-like. He was not best pleased with me as he had to have 2 types of eyedrops, both 4 times a day and at different times. Nobody likes eyedrops. Mikey was a good boy though and suffered the indignity without too much fuss. I didn't even bother with his cone of shame in the end as I only had to tell him off for scratching once. After a couple of days he was feeling much better and back to his bulldozer self.

One of Mikey's favourite games at home is a sort of doggy version of roulette. He takes whatever toy he has and drops it near the sofa or chair. Then he sort of stalks it and tries to pounce on it and grab it before it disappears under the sofa. Of course, being a staffy he's not really very good at being delicate or precise and most of the time the toy will disappear. The real fun bit of the game is getting someone to either lift the sofa so he can crawl underneath or even better, get them to lay on the floor and try to reach it. This usually works a couple of times with me and then I just tell him he won't get it back. He knows what this means now and usually gives up. Mikey has discovered that other people are much more responsive to training (often men) and these people become his best friends. I warn you, if he starts playing this game he will not stop and at some point you will give up and you will feel like you are the meanest person in the world.

It's been almost a year since I brought Mikey home and he's come along so much in that time. He is such a good dog and he tries his hardest to do whatever is asked of him; sometimes he finds it easy to forget what he was supposed to be doing though. He's always going to be an anxious little dog and he gets worried by lots of things; other dogs, the hoover, being on his own too long, pooping in pubic, objects in the house that are not where they are supposed to be, taking treats from strangers, public water bowls... the list goes on. He tries his hardest not to let his worries affect him too much and he will overcome his worries with a bit of encouragement. We both have the same bulldozer mentality and just keep going.

Mikey is a stubborn beast and definitely knows what he wants. Luckily for him, he also has magical powers of cuteness and persuasion so he does usually get his own way. He mostly uses his powers to befriend strangers and get a fuss. I once left him waiting outside a shop with my Dad and when I came out Mikey had persuaded a woman to not only pet him, but to go in to the shop and by him a pack of treats! I try not to give in to his magic powers, but his sad-eye game is strong! The first thing he did when he arrived was claim the bed and that is something that hasn't improved. It's still his, but if I have been good I am allowed to share it. That's why I have to work so hard; I need to buy dentasticks for Mikey's bedtime treat otherwise I'm not allowed in the bed. Please support my small business so I can sleep comfortably!

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