Artist of the Moment.

If you are already following me on social media (if not, why not?! ;P) then you may have seen my post last week about being featured as Artist of the Moment at my local community studio.

Here is the blurb about the studio space from

Weston Artspace is a new community artist studio on Weston High Street. It is a space for the town’s creative community to meet, work, develop skills and share ideas. The building is owned by North Somerset Council and has been leased by TERRESTRIAL for one year to demonstrate the appetite for creative activity in the heart of the town.

TERRESTRIAL is an arts organisation, established to support socially engaged arts projects, community events and wild adventures in the West of England.

My work is currently on display in the window and inside. It's the first time I've had any of my art on show (other than at shows and fairs) so it's been quite exciting. I had to spend a few hours choosing which pieces to display. I needed a mix of pets and wildlife, different media and a range of sizes. Then came the task of framing everything, which I will tell you I do not really enjoy and they are definitely not up to professional standards! I think I will move "talk to local framers" higher up my to-do list.

I wanted to make sure the display would work, so I took measurements and had several practice runs at home. I knew I wanted to have as much as possible on show so I built up a series of layers from boxes. This turned out to be like some sort of 3D puzzle, but I think I cracked it in the end. I am so glad I did because it meant that when I went to set up the window it was so easy and relatively stress free. As someone who suffers from anxiety, that is truly magical!

So now anyone walking along the High Street in Weston-Super-Mare can see my work and read about me (if they actually stop to have a look). The exposure might even bring in some more interest, although honestly I'm just enjoying knowing that I have art on display. It's giving me some validation and making me feel like I can do this whole "artist thing".

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