Where the Wild Things Are

So this week I thought I'd share my work space with you. Maybe it will let you learn a little more about me. It's really not very exciting as I don't have a fancy studio. I don't even have a separate room for working in. In fact, my bedroom, studio, storage, study and office are all the same room. I got myself a new desk just before Christmas and it has managed to house a lot more of my assorted bits and pieces than I thought it would. It's also given me a much more comfortable space to work from.

This is my desk in its current cluttered-but-tidy state.

I have fairy lights (which I moved from the window after xmas) and sloths because they make me smile.

I also have multiple coasters (as well as built in cupholders- oooh) because I often have multiple drinks on the go. I also sometimes have water pots or pots for pencil sharpenings. I really should wash them...

I have a few of my books where I can grab them- mostly art or animal-related ones as this is my workstation after all. The rest of my books are stacked up in a corner at the moment.

I also have my personalised dog calendar (as well as 2 diaries and a whiteboard) to try and keep myself organised or at least remember what day of the week it is! I feel like this month's calendar picture is a bit too on-point.

Of course I have to have a photo of my furry child for the rare occasions when he isn't actually in the same room trying to stop me working.

This is the view next to the desk (in a nice quiet moment) and why I am often distracted.

I have a few little pots and I just got some new plants that need nice pots (and I will hopefully keep alive). I do not have a very good track record with plants, despite my best efforts, but I love having them around. I also have my little wooden mannequin because I'm an artist and it's obligatory.

And that's about it really. Let me know if you want to book in for the full studio tour and experience!

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