Bring on the '20's!

It's the beginning of the month, which should be our monthly Mikey update. As it's the start of a new year I decided to do a bit of goal setting instead. Sorry if you came expecting wacky dog adventures!

At this point a year ago I sat down and took a long hard look at myself. I had lost my home, left my job and was waiting for a divorce. My mental health (which was already fragile) had taken a real pounding and I was at a real low point. It feels a bit cliche to say I'd reached rock-bottom, but that's essentially where I was. It's also true (if a tad cheesy) to say that once you hit that low point there is only one way to go when you decide it's time to move on and that is up.

So this time last year I decided all the steps I would take to start climbing back up again. They were just small little steps (although some did feel pretty monumental) but one thing led to the next and then the next; until I found myself ending the year in an unexpected, but much better place than where I'd started.

This year I thought I'd share some of my goals for my art and also for this blog. I've already got a very long to-do list which I won't share in its entirety as that would probably be quite boring. I've also got a long list of different animals and particular breeds that people have asked for- if you have any requests, get them in so I can add them to the list! There are lots of new things I'd like to get underway including;

I would also like to learn more about the digital art process as I've never really got any further than MS Paint. I think having some digital techniques at my disposal would be a very useful addition and being able to do some editing would help with more professional and commercial projects I do feel like a bit of a dinosaur at times!

As far as the blog goes, I plan to keep going in a similar direction for now; keeping the Mikey updates every month, an influence or inspiration every other month and regular updates of events and projects. I'd like to keep the mix of personal, technical and more general posts.

If anyone is actually reading, please feel free to let me know if there's anything else you want to see. Also let me know if you have any suggestions for future projects you'd like to see (or buy) or even any challenges you'd like to set me- I like to keep busy after all!

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