Monthly Mikey Mayhem

It's time for our monthly Mikey post again. (I have no idea where the last month went. If anybody finds it I would quite like it back!)

It's been an eventful few weeks for Mikey. A couple of weeks ago he came out in hives all over and was feeling very sorry for himself for several days. I found a bite or sting on his neck so I think it must have been an allergic reaction to whatever it was. After a dose of antihistamines and lots of cuddles he picked up pretty quickly. Unfortunately he won't tell me what it was that got him, so we can't keep an eye out to stop it happening again.

Once he was recovered from that I took him on a little road trip in the Bandit Wagon to go and stay with my Mum. He normally travels really well in the car and often just crashes out on the back seat. However, he clearly disapproved of my driving (probably because I was a tad stressed) and he sat up and watched the whole way. Mum lives in a top floor apartment and Mikey decided running up the many stairs was a great new game (we live in a bungalow) and so every time we got back inside he was all hyped up. He also managed to cut his pad on one of our adventures and then kept opening it up again when he got excited. It didn't seem to bother him at all but we had to keep clearing up tiny blood trails! He also got himself really worked up and threw up a couple of times. Luckily he has charm to spare and he used it on his Nan so she said we can stay again.

We've not stayed anywhere else since I got him, so he was pretty confused and unsettled for the week, but he managed his anxiety pretty well, all things considered. He had lots of fuss and treats from his Nan and they spent a couple of days together while I was out and about. He also met a few new people, which is one of favourite things. We went to a Christmas fair in the town centre, which was very crowded. Mikey was very confused by everyone walking in the road (the roads were all closed off) and kept trying to pull me back on the pavement; such a good boy! He also managed to introduce himself nicely to a very cooperative stuffed dog at a Dogs Trust stand, which was hilarious to observers but very reassuring to me as it showed he does know how to make doggy friends (he is generally nervous-aggressive around dogs).

We had a fairly normal week last week and then at the weekend Mikey managed to hurt his leg somehow and was hobbling around looking very sorry for himself. Needless to say he got lots of cuddles and maybe some extra treats as he was off his food. He milked it for a couple of days and the strangely when I told him I'd be calling the vets on Tuesday he woke up especially bouncy. A miracle cure! He didn't even have a trace of the limp from the day before. Suspicious.

He's not going to be happy with me as I'm busy working all weekend again, but then I'll be done with festive fairs (unless I book any last minute) so I can spend more time doing things with him. We might brave the windy and cold beach and then check out a new pub (purely to warm up afterwards of course).

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